5.1ch system only 2 random speakers and subwoofer working


May 31, 2016
Model Sony DAV TZ210
Only Front-L, Rear-L and the subwoofer work.
When tested by plugging and unplugging the wires of other 3 speakers into ports of the above working ones found out that all speakers are functional.
Now what should I do if there is no output signal coming out from the ports Rear -R, Center and Front - R?
Check that the Sony is set up for all 5 speakers to be operational The manual is here
Make sure that the center and rears are turned on and then go through the speaker balancing so the level of each is correct.
If you have already done this make then try different surround modes and make sure that your source is surround sound, If it is stereo then a different surround mode would be needed to derive surround sound from it.