Question 6.3 mono output but 3.5 stereo headphones


Sep 16, 2017
So I recently bought a Behringer MX400 to output audio from my Xbox and PC to my headphones (HD201) without realising that the mixer is only mono. Audio is coming out from both sources but only on the left side of said headphones. I understand that I need an adapter if I want audio from both sides, but as to which type of adapter I'm still unsure (also to set output to mono from both sources).

just a sidenote to the adapter I currently have (that does not work):

Do I need a ''mono to stereo'' or a ''stereo to mono'' adapter?
(male 6.3, female 3.5)

edit: Just realised that I can't change output to mono on windows 7, does both L and R sounds get played simultaneously on both sides if I were to use the adapter?
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You will need something like this
You will get L+R (mono) out of both sides of the headphones.
You want to connect the L/R output of the PC to inputs 1-2 and the L/R outputs of the Xbox to inputs 3-4. You don't have to set the output of either to mono. The mixer will do that for you.
A stereo mixer would have been simpler to use. You only need a mixer at all if you want to hear both the PC and Xbox audio at the same time. Otherwise you just needed an input selector.