ability to select text in Chrome?

Jeffrey Knox

Feb 6, 2015
My laptop recently died, so I thought I'd join the times and get an Android (4.4.2) tablet. I'm LOVING IT... until just now. First time responding to a new eHarmony match from the tablet. I occasionally have a poor memory thanks to a TBI, so I have a long-standing habit of keeping notes about my eHarmony matches in Docs on Drive. The first part of that Doc is copy-and-paste from their eHarmony profile... BUT WHAT'S THIS?!?! I CAN'T EVEN SELECT TEXT ON WEB PAGES I VIEW IN CHROME, -=EVEN=- IF I REQUEST THE DESKTOP SITE??? I have to rewrite 4 or 5 pages of text almost from memory??? JUNKBUTTER! Does anyone know a workaround to select text on web pages? Different browser maybe? Thanks...