About new laptop and GTX 1000M Series


May 22, 2016
So I'm starting on a boarding school (i think it's the right word) in early August. Anyway i need a laptop for both studying, and gaming. Especially because we have a gaming "line" where we learn to code and stuff.

But enough of that, i need some tech peoples input on this. If the 1000m series gpu laptops don't come out before august (which i don't assume but i could be wrong) should i spend my precious money on renting a laptop until they start to come, or should i just buy a laptop with 900m series now?

TLDR: Judging from the desktop versions, is the performance between 900m series and 1000m series going to worth the weight? (pun intended)

Thanks. :)


Mar 2, 2016
I heard there is this kind of store that may loan you a laptop, rent-a-center. I never tried it, and I may just buy a new laptop for myself if I were you. Rumors are GTX1080m laptops should be come out in late Q3 as the first production lots, and desktop version with 1000 series may be in a further future (some said one more year later). Gaming series in most of the major brands (MSI, Alienware, ROG..) with gtx9xxm are quite stable and feedback of GTX980(m) is nice. If I were in your position, I'd choose GTX9xxm laptops from the majors gaming brands. If you may wish to do a little bit of the customized spec, go check CUK, HID, Xotic.