accessing facebook account


Jan 24, 2015
Yesterday I was on facebook playing one of "their" games, which I had been playing for about a week now. The game stopped working, so I reloaded the game and when I did I could not longer access facebook at all. All I get when I try to is a page that says "web page is unavailable. I don't have any problems going anywhere else on the internet, and my neighbor can access her account on her phone and pc. I use google and my son uses firefox on this computer and he cannot access facebook either. I cannot even access facebook support to get help. If any one has any suggestions or solutions I would be very grateful.


Jan 24, 2015
Have u tried unplugging your internet connection and plugged it in to another provider ?

Try this link and see if your connection Facebook is OK or not.


Maybe this will work for your firefox..

Open Firefox, click on "Tools" then "Options" and then on "Advanced".
Click on the "Network" tab, and then on the "Settings" button.
Please make sure that the "No Proxy" option is selected.

For Internet Explorer:

Open Internet Explorer.
Click on "Tools" and then select "Internet Options".
Click on the "Connections" tab and click the "LAN Settings" button at the bottom.
Uncheck "Use a Proxy server for your LAN".
Click OK to close the Local Area Network (LAN) Settings window.
Click OK to close the Internet Options window.

If that one also didnt worked then on the address bar, type:- (PUT https INSTEAD OF http)

P.S: Also try clearing and cleaning out your Google chrome's Cache, History,proxies etc
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