Acer 5750g getting seriously hot

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Dec 31, 2012
Hi I fixed my problem on my 5750G , idle temp before fix -> 51 - 54 After i fixed my idle temp is 44 - 46

I like to play men of war, my temp of notebook reached 94 on performance and in balanced 82 ! After a little bit of struggling i managed to fix this big issue. It is running on Performance and my highest temp read is 84 ! Under Balanced it is only 64 = )

5750g acer notebook 8GB DDR Memory , Intel Core i5-2450M Turbo boost 3.1
Nvidia Geforce 610M 4095 Turbocache
Windows 7 x64

I Reinstalled windows 7 To get rid of all the rubbish ! A new fresh start

I buyed a coolingpad , i have reconstructed it a little bit =P i screwed it open and placed the fun directly under my notebookfan , also after cutting a bit, i installed a second fan. This will not solve your problem , but i think this would help cooling a bit.

Download latest acer drivers. ->
- Epower_Acer
- Turbo

This is how to do it.

Select product family
->Notebook,ultrabook Select product line -> Aspire Select product Model -> 5750G
Then select your OS - For me it was windows 7 x64

-Under driver you will find Turbo Boost_Intel_7.0.0.114
-Select BIOS to download Close all running software before flashing bios ! This bios update is done automatically , no usb stick or updating in bios needed.
-Under Application you can download Epower_Acer 6.00.3000

Another thing - DONT download Nvidea latest driver !! I have tryed it , when i installed my idle temp was 10 degrees higher ! i was in a shock = / So i dit a system recovery and my idle temp is back 44.

Hope this will work for you guys !

Greetz jim and srry for my verry bad english !

Not open for further replies.