Question Acer aspire 5733 continuous long beep only on windows installation

Sep 12, 2020
So I have a normal laptop whose battery and ram are replaced by someone who owns a laptop repair shop. The laptop works fine while i use windows 7, the only problem i face is that the del key gets pressed automatically idk why and how but it does. Another problem is that when i try to reinstall windows 7 on my old laptop it gives me continuous long beeps while stuck at starting setup at windows logo.
Please help me find the problem and the solution. I am very confused to why this problem is caused.


Jul 7, 2020
I trust you are aware that MS ended support (for all except certain corporate customer) several months ago. That means that you may not be getting security updates. These updates are important given all the bad things that can happen. Virus prevention SW won't catch everything. The underlying Windows SW needs the security updates. Windows 7 is 10+ years old now.

You can still update to Win10 for free. The process is described in several articles you can search for on the internet. Note that any software you installed and your data will be wiped out so make sure you have the disks to reinstall your apps and your data is backed up. I would try to update Windows first and see what your outcome is. If your computers are old, you should run the microsoft Win10 assessment tool to make sure your hardware is compatible. I don't recall if there is an option when coming from Win7 to save your data. I would recommend a complete clean install in any case. Make sure you know the Windows keys for your present install. BelArc Advisor will find that for you (at least on the machine that runs). You shouldn't need it if all goes well, but it's good to have it just in case.
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