Acer Aspire 6920g Screen Comes on and off on lcd


Nov 6, 2013
I've a acer aspire 6920g with a screen problem.if i tilt the display towards the keyboard it will work but if i push it back it goes black.
I've taken off the bezel on the display and checked for bad connections but all seems fine.
I then tried to look where the ribbon cable connects to the motherboard from the lcd and noticed if i touch itor press it, it works but if i release it it goes black.
after i put the barrel cover back on the power slot it all reverts to the same problem.

any ideas?

oh yeah, hello community.


Locking clips on the motherboard socket for the cable broken?

Try using superglue to hold the cable in place, but only if out of warranty, else send it back to Acer, but then again, you opened it up, so warranty void ;)