Apr 4, 2016
So I have here an ACER E5-511-P8EH, and what it's done is that it has just completely given up on me. So I come home, I click the power on button as usual, and I come to realise there's no image onscreen! So I hold it to power off, and try again, but no Acer logo, just a black screen and a running fan with the turned on blue light. I tried the hard resets, pulling out battery and what not, and it seems to work, so I do whatever I had to, and after turn off the computer for the night, to sleep. I wake up this morning, and it's back to it. But this time no hard resetting is bringing the screen to show an image! What will be the issue here? Just one darn irritating black screen and a running fan and no solution for me.

Please do try these troubleshooting steps that may help.
- First is to try another hard reboot, remove the battery and unplug the AC adapter then press and hold the power button for 20 seconds then try booting it up again.
- Next to try if this will not work is to reseat the RAM's, remove them all for couple of seconds then put them back in making sure everything is seated properly.
- If it will still load in the blank black screen, connect an external monitor and see if you'll get any display from it.
- If you'll get a display on the external monitor that could only mean that the problem is the built in display. Try to open the laptop and check the ribbon cable that connects the LCD to the motherboard and see if it's seated properly.
- But if there's still no display on the external monitor the problem may lie in the motherboard itself, its GPU to be exact.

If the laptop will boot up after doing the troubleshooting steps do a clean install of the graphics card driver and update the latest BIOS.

Here's a link on how to do a clean install of the graphics card driver.

Here's also a link for the latest BIOS.
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