Acer Aspire E5-571g pixels turning on an off


Jul 5, 2016
Alright so what happened i accidentally bumped the laptop not bent or cracked was wasn't really a hard one but it seems to have damaged something it did turn it on and the the pixels started to turn on and off without led back-light the next time it turned on with the logo then i shut it down again the pixels did the same thing turning on and off and this time i didn't manage to boot it with Acer logo checked the screen cable on laptop checked the caps for leaks the board for crack resistors,diodes that might have fell off i am a noob at fixing things but i am willing to learn if someone can give me an idea much appreciated plus here is a link of the video with the screen in motion i don't think its the gpu but i might be wrong . Sorry for the English not really good.
Try the following and see if you get the same problem. Turn off the laptop. Plug in an external monitor. Turn on the external monitor then turn on the laptop.

Does the external monitor give you the same issues? Or does it work fine?

If it works fine, and the cord inside to the display of the laptop isn't loose, bent, damaged, etc., then the display is probably going.

If, however, the external monitor gives you the same problems, then your graphics card probably needs replacing.