Solved! Acer Aspire Green Screen


Apr 7, 2017
I have a 17.3" Acer Aspire Laptop 7551 with a ATI GPU plus an AMD Radeon CPU. The laptop screen in normal laptop screen mode boots up in fuzzy green for a second or two, then may go blank (not totally black because I can see some backlight glow but no image).or go totally green, no image.
However, this same PC boots correctly to the Win 7 OS in both the VGA and HDMI mode with an external monitor. When either of these outputs are selected, the PC boots to a nice clear desktop image and the PC works correctly.
The GPU and CPU drivers have been updated and a fresh Win 7 OS installed w/o success. Still getting green screen in laptop mode. Anyone have any ideas to fix??? Thanks
Note: Tapping the F5 key in green screen mode does cause the screen to sometimes flash for a split second and show normal for a minute instant…then back to green!!!
Either you have a loose connection, failed connection or a bad LCD screen. Since an external monitor works, it's not an issue with the video card or drivers.