acer aspire laptop missing start button/menu


Jul 1, 2015
My computer Microsoft logo is on and curser moves around. However, the start button and menu does not come up. Maybe the keyboard locked. The last thing I did on it was turn it on and it said Force shut down and I pressed "cancel" and nothing has happened for a few days now. I've turned it on/off/esc/f8/f2 and tried to take the mouse area and pull up the menu...left the hole computer unplugged for 8
Not 100% sure what you mean by saying the logo is in you can see the desktop?

A potential solution might be to start task manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc) and look under "processes". Look for "explorer.exe". If it's there, select it & "end process". If it's not (or after you hit end process), go to File > New Task > type "explorer.exe" and enter.

Fingers crossed. Let us know