Acer swift 3 8th gen vs e15?


Sep 17, 2017
Hello, I need a mobile computer for things like robotics and AP java (High School). Im mainly going to be using it to coding and retro/light gaming (KSP, emulators,Fallout NV, transistor, sonic mania etc). Which would be better for me?

I see that the swift has:
Newer cpu with more cores
better build quality
lower weight
nicer look
way better display (ips)

lower clock speeds (@1.6 ghz) than e 15
no dedicated gpu (e 15 has 940mx)
lower battery life, 10 hours (12 on e15)
New, so no reviews, which means i don't know if there is some sort of fatal flaw
No optical drive (don't really care much)

If you guys know anything that might be better I really care about an ssd and 14 - 15.6 inches as well as being able to run linux.

Which is better for my purposes? Do i need a dedicated gpu and is 1.6 ghz enough? 700 dollars is my absolute budget so I can't get the other swift with a gpu. I plan on dual booting fedora and windows. I have a PC so i don't need any crazy specs or large amounts of storage. I heard the keyboard is crappy on both of them but at this price and with these specs i'm not really expecting much. Thanks so much.