Acer windows 10 wont start up fully


Oct 23, 2016
HI i recently had bought my mom a Acer windows 10 laptop and it was working fine until my brother got on it and it started doing virus scan so my mom asked me to reset it and i did and it was going just fine until it said there was a problem and than it asked me if i still wanted to delete files and data which i did so i said yes and it 100% completed and said its ready to restart to save changes and than i restarted it and it was going find than as it was restarting it showed the Acer start up and than it didn't even go to the home page it just turned black and did the set up thing all over again and it was full charged and its a non removable battery and on the back theirs this little hole you can use a paper clip to reset the battery and i did that and it didn't work and i feel bad cause she loves this computer and it was my first ever big purchase and i just need help with it please.