Adapter/Battery Problem with Dell E6410 ATG


Sep 20, 2013
I just received my ATG yesterday and it worked well for an hour or so but then it shut down and my battery status light started to flash orange followed by a solid blue (which appears to correspond to a temporary battery failure).

I followed the instructions for resetting the battery but now I have a different problem. I can't get the laptop to recognize the AC adapter when the battery is installed (but only when the battery is installed). I can boot right up with the AC adapter in place and the battery out. I can also boot up with the battery in (and running off the battery) but if I plug in my adapter, it won't recognize it- the blue power indicator ring on the adapter will actually go out as if the adapter is being overloaded. I have tried swapping power adapters with another Dell adapter (a cheaper 60W-ish version compared to my 90W version) and I can actually see the indicator on Windows show the adapter is plugged in (with battery in) and the screen alternates rapidly as if the adapter is connecting and disconnecting (I assume because this adapter too is being overloaded but I do not want to bias you on that). Alternatively, I can use my ATG's power adapter to power another Dell just fine.

I have ordered a new battery in the hopes that this is one is just faulty and is consuming too much power/dragging the adapter down, but that battery won't be here until Tuesday and I'm worried now! My greatest fear is that it's the charging circuit/motherboard.

In everyone here's infinite wisdom/experience, what do you think this is? Is it likely the battery?

Thanks in advance.