Adding graphics card in empty slot of motherboard

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PraTik Sharma

Sep 28, 2013
This is my very first post in this forum..
I've a samsung NP300E5z laptop it have Nvidia GT520mx graphics card on motherboard.
I'm willing to upgrade my graphics card but i learned that it is not possible if the graphic card is shouldered with the motherboard..
So i decided to change the motherboard of my laptop and i found exactly same motherboard on ebay which have empty graphics card slot which i've circled in the attached image.
In my actual motherboard my gt520mx is installed on that slot which is non removable..
My question is that is it possible to install a graphics card(for example gtx 660m) on that empty slot (please see the image attached) and should i buy this motherboard..?



Jul 26, 2013
First you have to source the GPU chip.
Then you have to accurately solder every pin into the board which I doubt is possible without precision soldering equipment and a decent microscope. It's not a slot-in socket like the processor chip.
Then you have to fit cooling to the GPU chip which will fit in the laptop case.
Then you have to dismantle your laptop and re-assemble with the new motherboard.

It sounds like a fascinating project which I might attempt with a broken laptop but I wouldn't try it with anything valuable. Usually any major laptop upgrade is impossible for the end user unless they have the knowledge and equipment (not to mention the service manual). And if you do have the knowledge and equipment I doubt you would be posting on this forum for help.
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