Solved! Adding Sennheiser Flex to an existing set up - stuck!


Jan 28, 2019
I am facing a HiSense TV (specs) and a Sony ht-s100f soundbar (specs page) that are currently connected via HDMI ARC, with the gods of CEC were smiling. This is working out great as we can use 1 remote control for both devices.

Now I need to add into the mix an existing Sennheiser Flex (link to pdf manual) and am unsure how to do it.

From what I can see of the existing components:
- HiSense has 3 HDMI input ports (one ARC), optical digital output
- Soundbar has HDMI ARC, digital optical in
- Sennheiser Flex has digital optical input

* Retain use of one remote to rule them all - makes it easier for the household to use
* Be able to use both the soundbar speaker and have the Sennheisers at the same time.
* Set and forget setup - this is for low tech household and distant 'pc support' help :)

Not an option at this point:
* Buying a new TV
* Buying a new soundbar
* improving the hearing of the Sennheiser Flex user

Is making this work achievable? I'm getting a bit twisted up when researching splitters/switchers (which may not even be the right route) and would greatly appreciate some advice on how to set this up.

Thank you!