Adobe Photoshop CS6 Question

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Jul 6, 2013
ok, so i am helping a friend build a desktop computer, it will be used for some light gaming, but mostly for illistrations. the question i am trying to find an answer to and not seeming to find online is, does photoshop cs6 use single thread or multithread with the intel series processors. if it only runs single thread and doesnt make use of the hyper threading technology then we are going to go with an intel core i5, as its significantly cheaper than the core i7, and other than the extra amount of cache, the i7 having hyper threading seems to be the only difference. so im trying to determine if photoshop uses the hyperthreading, and would benefit from having it, or if going with the i5 would be the better option. thanks in advance for the input!


May 12, 2014

hyperthreading just allows a process to use the excess clock cycles on a core to partially complete other tasks.
hyperthreading will help with exporting, the GPU will have the biggest effect on the exporting process, linustechtips made a video on it HERE if you can pick yourself up an intel xeon (a haswell one would be best as you dont need the separate chipset) but it has no DDR4 support
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