Question After recommendations for Chromebook or Tablet for shop

Jun 16, 2019
I'm looking for a Chromebook or tablet to use in our shop, and would love some recommendations.
Here's the requirements:
  • 95% of activity will be on a browser based solution, so I think Android will be the best os, i.e., tablet or Chromebook.
  • We need to be able to convert it to tablet mode to take easy pictures. But an alternative is to use a second device (cheap tablet) that can be used for data entry.
  • It needs to be relatively compact and sleek (it will sit on a desk in a shop).
  • We will want to use it to play music on spotify (I can't see that requirement excluding any device, but happy to be proven wrong on that).
  • Ideally, it would have a good sized numeric keypad, or maybe we just need to get an auxilary bluetooth keypad.
  • we'll be using a barcode scanner and label printer, but the barcode scanner is bluetooth and the label printer has ethernet, so multiple USBs shouldn't be necessary. Then again, some physical connectivity to devices may be handy.


Tablet is probably best for you if you want it more mobile for pictures, chromebooks are more designed like laptops. If you are looking to use the thing with scanners and printers you may want to talk to a POS specialty shop to check on configurations. Using a tablet in a store tends to need specialized software and connection options for hardware.
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