Again - Problem with the corrupted images.


Sep 4, 2017
I guess there are a lot of similar threads like mine.

I took a photo of my friend ( while he was running a marathon, and that's the only one photo that was taken. He saw the photo and said it's the best photo of him he saw ). So, yeah, everything great, i sent the photo in sms to my other friend, sent it to my email... I was afraid it will corrupt, like few of my other photos.

As i thought, the next day the photo was corrupted and i wasn't able to open it. I didn't care, because i thought i sent the image to my email.. unfortunately, my smartphone DID NOT sent it ( and i don't even know why, bad internet connection?)

I really need to fix somehow the photo. I tried to download some software that restore corrupted images but didn't work. Is there any way to restore the photo? :( the one that is left is a compressed jpg, where I can't even recognize my friend's face :(

Please help!
The infamous smartphone - huawei.