Air coming out of laptop really hot


Oct 18, 2014
Hello, I've bought a new Asus laptop a few days ago. It's got an i7-4510U and GT840m. I'm very satisfied with it, but I'm slightly worried because when I'm doing some heavy stuff the air pumped out becomes really hot (for example during stress testing or gaming).
Idle temp: 40°C
Max load temp: 56°C

The keyboard, palm rest etc. doesn't get hot though.

I'm just worried maybe it's running too hot and I should watch what I'm doing or maybe lift it a bit during heavy load?


Apr 22, 2015
Your laptop has sent the service did not ? if not, you should send it for servicing. service is a service performed fan and put a new thermal paste at processor. if left too long, may affect the motherboard.
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