Alienware 15 r2 fps issue


Apr 17, 2017
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CPU: i7 6820HK Ram: 16GB GPU: Nvidia GTX 980m 8GB Windows 10 64bit

ok soo for awhile now my computer has been randomly under performing some days. I think its been getting slower since i got it but i keep up with the maintenance (drivers,disk cleanup/fragment,scan with Microsoft essentials,clean fans) I have an issue that sometime when i turn on my pc(and its happening more frequent) that the games i play (league of legends/dragon age) fps rate are extremely low to where its unplayable like i used to be in the high 250-300fps for league and now its 15-30. I have cleaned my computer updated drivers uninstalled drivers wiped drivers and reinstalled them for the gpu and twice it worked where i installed a driver that was from like a year ago and then my laptop is super fast how it used to be(this issue not only affects my games but i feel it even slows my browser, like everything takes longer to load) and im like i fixed it yay! and then i turn it on the next day and same thing again slow and then games fps is bad.sometime it just randomly fixes too like ill be on it trying to fix it and then the games work fin again. I have even run dell support assist and got some errors that it couldnt run some test because of possible driver issue but it still passes the rest of my system.I have tried everything in my power and im just at a loss for what to do everything points to a driver or software issue(i think from what i have read on the internet)any help would be much appreciated.(i had this issue when i had warranty still on it but dell didnt really have an answer they made me update my bios and yeah it worked again for a couple weeks then nope and now my warranty expired a month ago...great)also sometimes(its happening alot more) when i turn on my computer the CPU fan will kick on super high then turn off and then the GPU fan will turn on really loud and then off ,while this is happening my screen is frozen and i cant do anything and there is a blaring bzzzzzzt sound.please help i know a bit about computers(not a pro) but i really do take care of my laptop and it sucks that i cant game and even browsing is a hassle i dont know what to do i feel like i have exhausted all my resources.


Mar 25, 2010
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Have you been monitoring system temperature while gaming? HWMonitor is good for that. Cleaning fans is good, but another thing you can do is remove the heatsinks, clean off the chips and heatsink and re-apply new thermal paste.
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