Alienware 17 laptop. Black screen, worked with a monitor.


Sep 20, 2016
Hello, I have an Alienware 17 laptop that I recently replaced the motherboard in. After the motherboard was replaced and I turned on the laptop it beeped 5 times repeatedly until i shut it down. After turning it on again it did not beep but still did not display anything. the screen flickered a few times but stayed black (but the backlight was on). i hooked up a monitor and that worked fine. I looked online and found a video that told me to disable the Intel onboard graphics display so that my graphics card would allow the laptop screen to display again. That was obviously completely false as now i have no display with or without a monitor. i have tried removing the button cell battery and unhooking any power as well as holding down the power button to drain any left over charge to reset those settings. (as i was told elsewhere). nothing has worked. does anyone know what could be up?