Solved! Allowing streaming via Bluetooth on first turntable set up

Oct 20, 2019
Hi. I am getting my first turntable set up in my new apt and it's pretty basic and simple. I have a Rega Planar 1 turntable connected to Audioengine 5+ speakers with a Beringer PP400 pre amp for go between.
My question is:
I believe in future it would be great to have the ability to stream music over the phone to my speakers now and again. But I do not want to start disconnected my turntable or switch the RCA cables for this. What are the best solution to keep a similar minimal set up but have Bluetooth enabled? I have looked at the Chromecast audio which I believe is discontinued, and I also believe it would still require me to disconnect RCA cables from current set up if connected to speakers directly.
I appreciate any help in getting a plan together.
Thank you!
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