Amazon Expanding Fire TV Voice Search. No Netflix Yet

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Apr 17, 2014
Who cares. All the voice search options in the world do not make up for the fact that despite the Fire TV being made by Amazon it is the absolute worst Instant video player on the market by far.

I mean come on, all your video library is stored in one long scrolling window that you cannot even separate out in TV and movies like every other device that plays Instant video. I will never understand why your Instant video library cannot be sorted into all the categories that the prime and movie/TV sales channels are. Stupidest UI design choice ever. We have over 1300 titles and you have to start at 1 and scroll all the way to 1300 in the order you purchased them.

Then unlike every other player we have for instant video ( R3 models of ROKU players, iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches, Sony streaming box, Sony BD player etc.) there is no indication of what you have watched previously or not. No bar to indicate where you left off halfway through an episode from the menu like every single other player does for their content.

Then to top it off, in your video library, mixed in with your purchased content you get advertisements letting you know that the episode is also available in Hulu. This is not an add supported device dumb asses. But hey thanks for riddling my paid content with icons that give me the choice to skip my HD commercial free content in favor of watching it on Hulu.

Stupid decisions at every turn that make this the worst player you could ever buy for Amazon content.


Jan 8, 2014
Amazon Prime users can't filter out the Prime subscriber videos (free with subscription) and you can't voice search competing services, just Amazon Prime Video. It is DOA, a worthless pile of kit
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