AMD Radeon 7670M isn't working.


Apr 30, 2017
I have an Acer ASPIRE 7750ZG-B964G50Mnkk laptop:

GPU is not working.
I got this laptop 5 years ago and didn't notice if the GPU worked. I noticed 2 years ago.
I need to turn it on with Integraded mode. When i use the Switchable mode, the laptop turns on, loads Windows (the GPU appears in Device Manager) and then I need to install the Display Driver. It installs and when I restart I get a blue screen and need to boot into safe mode to unistall the driver.

I tryed:
-Different driver version: recommended by Acer, recommended by Microsoft, latest version from AMD (both CC and Crimson Elite) and some other versions.
-Clean System install ( both Windows 7 and Windows 10).
-Doesn't even work on Linux (Manjaro and Mint).

Do you have any solutions on how to fix it?
Replace the GPU, which if is not removable on that device or needs an experienced tech to do the work (which is quite common), you may need to replace the motherboard.