Android tablet freezes

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Mar 26, 2017
I have a 2 year old Samsung Galaxy S4 tablet. Last week it t began to freeze on a particular page as I was reading. Shaking and tapping roughly on the screen causes it to unfreeze. Each day the freezing happens more frequently. I am concerned that it will totally freeze when I am in the middle of an exciting part of the story or will cause me to lose all my ebooks. What causes the freeze and can it be fixed? Thank you for your help. Patti Guerrero
If there is to much running on the tablet at once that can lead to freezing. Lots of apps run in the background, even when you think they aren't. I would suggest making sure you turn them off (not just exit them) when you are doing more. Also, you may want to clear out the cache's of different apps. Many will keep just accumulating data. Long after you aren't using it. Save anything you need, and then clear them to give you more memory access. You may want to even consider uninstalling apps you rarely use, as just because you aren't using them doesn't mean they aren't eating up your resources.
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