Any good remote AV software?


Sep 28, 2011
Hello there! I'm looking for a good, simple and hopefully free antivirus software that I can run and manage remotely.

I work in IT and I am constantly running to the issue of family members coming to me with virus issues. They love their online games and their computers have been a virtual petri dish for these computer viruses. The main issue is that as much as I tell them to keep up with their virus scans and when I look at the scan reports the last one to run it was me when I last had the computer and they always ignore the definition updates as much as I beg them to download them all.

So here is the ideal software I'm looking for:

I'm trying to find something that I can command from home, start scans, read reports, push updates and so forth.
It must be able to work off of Win xp, vista, 7 and hopefully eventually 8
I also need it to work off several networks it's not a server workstation environment so I need it to work for my grandparents in TX as well as my parents in Co no DNS no static IP
I also hope to find something that can be managed in the background. Currently I manage all their computers from team viewer and I just remote in take over and start scans and updates which annoys them.

Again cheap as possible free is even better I can't really afford any enterprise AV software.

Thank you in advance for the help! :)


Jun 13, 2006
Because your family isn't on a single domain, you wouldn't benefit from the Enterprise central management anyways. :)

AVG or Avast for the free solutions. Just install those and leave them. I prefer AVG. They're free, insure the autoupdate is set, and regular weekly/monthly scans in the scheduler. With AVG, the updates and scans are silent and without user input (assuming the system is on, and assuming they don't go into the settings on their own and disable them)
And continue to remote into their systems using TeamViewer.

Not ideal, no CLI. And you'll have to work your magic in saying "you have to let these run or else". Might have to give them a little tough love before they see the light. :)

To have the advanced features you're asking for, you'd have to create VPN tunnels (at the router level so your users wouldn't be "annoyed"), like what businesses do when they have multiple sites. And then attach them to a domain. Probably more than you're willing to invest, and more functionality than your family's routers can handle.

Thinking more about it, you could create AutoIT scripts that are either set to run by Windows' scheduler or you email to them periodically. These scripts could execute the cleanups you're seeking as well as capture and email reports back to you. Interact very well with GUI commands/experience, as well as CLI.
(if you're not familiar with AutoIT, it simply scripts in a unique language that mimics mouse and keyboard inputs, with additional programming capabilities - quick tip; frequently use F1 next to commands/functions and the AutoIT Window Information utility)
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