Any good touchscreen laptops NO ultrabooks


Nov 13, 2009
Hey I've been looking around for a good laptop with a touchscreen id like a laptop that looks good but i don't want an ultrabook unless someone can show me that the ultra low voltage cpus wont be a problem with lagg ive looked at benchmarks and they always score so low

In order of what I find most important is

How it looks
1080p screen at least

When I say good looking it doesn't have to mean thin and light I for one love the Macbook pro 15 inch the non retina one The vizio 15 inch regular notebook and the sony vaio s series 15 inch anything that looks similar to those with a touchscreen and the quad core that those computers come with would be awesome

Price up to $2000 maybe 2500 if it is the perfect laptop for me but from the looking ive done i'm not sure it exists.

My Perfect laptop would be
Quad core cpu maybe dual core if you guys can show me a benchmark of them running just as well but no low voltage garbage ultrabooks to me are underpowered and overpriced.
Mac book pro body with its touch pad (Haven't tried a pc manufacturer with a track pad that is as responsive as the mac books i don't know why)
Keyboard from lenovo laptops (easily the best ones ive used so far) if anyone has any laptop keyboard thats better im willing to try it
Around 15 inches id be willing to go to 14 but that's lowest i don't want a 13 inch or a 17 inch

The closest Ive come to getting this is

It has a look i like a cpu i like no touchscreen but that's just something that I think would be a perk but the reviews said its keyboard sucks and touch pad is unresponsive and jerky two things i cannot overlook Mac book pro is also good but I want something to run windows 8 and had bad experiences with paralells on my old mac book

I don't expect you guys to go looking for a laptop for me but if you have come across anything that has most of the stuff i want or even half of of it that would be great fast cpu is not something ill budge on though