Any one else get a 'refunds' e-mail from Google?


Mar 31, 2006
I got this in my e-mail just now:-

"Dear Google Play customer,

We emailed you in December regarding refunds made available in line with Google’s agreement with the FTC.

Unfortunately, we discovered since then that the refund request form did not correctly display all potentially eligible purchases for your account at that time.

We’re reaching out again to let you know that this issue is resolved, and the refund request form now correctly displays all in-app purchases on your account that may be eligible for a refund.

We encourage you to use the link below to review potentially eligible purchases on your account again and submit a request for any that were the result of unauthorized purchases by a minor.

To submit a refund request:

Use this link to sign into your Google account and review your in-app purchase history.
Select any in-app purchases that were unauthorized purchases made by a minor and click “Refund.”
Provide the requested information for any in-app purchases selected and click “Submit.”
If you’ve already requested refunds for some potentially eligible purchases, you don’t need to request refunds for those same purchases again. Your previous requests are still valid.

However, if you’ve identified new potentially eligible purchases -- or if you’re uncertain which purchases you requested refunds for in the past -- feel free to submit an additional request. We will ensure any duplicate requests are merged appropriately.

If you have any questions about refund eligibility, please refer to this FAQ.

Thank you,
The Google Play Team"

Is it a scam? I never received the 1st one they mention and I've not made any purchases that I am aware of?!!?
It came from:- <>

Is that legit?


The "Dear Google Play Customer" is a dead giveaway that this is a scam. If it were official the greeting would be by name since, along with your e-mail address they also know your name. Generic greetings such as this from banks, PayPal, EBay, etc. are just phishing expeditions. No legitimate business will ever make an unsolicited request for personal information via e-mail.


Jan 31, 2015

Actually, Google did send out emails in December addressed to "Dear Google Play Customer", and they were very similar to this one, so it's quite possible that this is a genuine follow up (even though it has all the hallmarks of a scam). If in doubt you should check that any links in the email are to genuine Google web sites and/or check the origin of the email in the headers.

PS - According to this site this is a genuine follow up from Google:
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