Any way to take "ALL" contents backup?

Mar 26, 2018
Hi, hope you all are having an awesome day :D

Now, I want to keep daily works as backup into the cloud and that includes my business and personal things on daily basis. But I want a good trustable cloud service who won't look into my personal as well as business files because face it no one would like anyone to look at their personal and business stuff. I think there was an article where one drive's stuff accessed some contents or it was Evernote? I don't remember exactly.

The thing is I want to keep the daily backup of all my business files as well as personal things into the cloud. The reason is I fear that my lappy may stop working one morning and I lose all data and I already have 2 external HDDs but we don't know when external HDDs can stop working. Electronics these days...haha!
Another major reason is that my friend's laptop was stolen from a public place and there was no one to blame. Actually, it was his foolishness to keep his lappy like that on the table without staying alert. So, I fear that same can happen to me and I lose my crucial data and files. Robberies are so pathetic. Hard earned money and things go away in an instant. :(

So, which is a good trustable cloud service that will securely keep my biz as well as personal data?

What will you recommend and what do you use yourself to back up your important work files and personal things?

Thanks in advance!
Mar 26, 2018

What about apple or google? They won't go away, right? I was thinking to get a 1 TB plan but now I am confused. :p

What do you advise would be the best to do in this scenario and what is the BEST way to backup DAILY files and stuff? How do you keep backups of your important work and personal files?



I back up locally (mostly).

Mar 26, 2018

Thanks for the link mate. I will have an in-depth look now :D


Aug 12, 2014
I heard Backblaze was a good (and cheap) backup cloud Service. I dont personally use it because i have too much information and it would take too long to upload, but if you dont have too many pictures or music and just files, i think is the way to go.


How much actual data do you need backed up? Anyone can reinstall WIndows and applications semi-quickly these days, but, I'd recommend a combination of local and cloud backups of actual files/data...

Amazon Drive lets you select exactly which folders are backed up and synced, and, is easy to use...

LIkewise, there is Box, P-Cloud, Google Drive, DropBox, MS OneDrive, and numerous others....

As for security of your actual data locally, if using Windows Pro/Enterprise, you can BitLocker encrypt your drive, limiting potential losses to the laptop only...
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