Apple laptop vs Asus, details inside.


Dec 12, 2011
Hello there,

I used to have a retina macbook pro 15" base, that's i7 ivy bridge 2.3 gz, 265GB SSD, 16Gb ram, 650m 1gb gpu. Unfortunately it got stolen. I'm in the market for a new laptop.

I have only these two options:
-Macbook pro 15" retina(base) or non retina(high end), doesn't matter.
- Asus G750JX 17".3: i7 haswell 4700HQ 2.4 gz, GTX 770m 3GB gpu, 16gb RAM, 1TB 5,400rp HHD (I will later install an SSD if I get this one).

What matters to me:

- Build quality.
- Overall performance.
- Programming laptop
- Gaming (not that much, though)

What doesn't matter to me:

- Price
- Windows/ OS X is pretty much the same to me, I don't mind one or another, both have the apps I need.
- Portability is not that much of an issue, though I still need a laptop.

I kinda understand that everything leads to the ASUS and that it's an unfair
"vs", just want overall opinions about these two.

May 17, 2013
I won't go for any Apple product in any case, but here Asus' just blow up Apple's options.

Asus' build quality is outstanding, performance is just higher, as a programming laptop you don't mind even if it is an old SandyBridge i3 so there is no point in that... and for gaming, well, Apple is as bad as Linux in that concern.

So... Asus' every time of the day.
May 17, 2013
In my experience, laptops bigger than 15'5" are a pain in the a** when you have to carry them around. However, 17" ones looks great on your desktop and are very, very comfortable as a working tool.

If you don't have to use Bus/Bike/Moto and carry that computer, go for 17".
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