Applications crashing when gaming


Jan 21, 2013
When gaming (Battlefield 3 or BC2) the game tends to crash first, then followed by every other application that is currently running. My computer does not crash what so ever, but only the applications.
Bf3 would freeze, then exit to desktop. After that, my google chrome would suddenly freeze and close, along with my AIM, VENT, and video drivers would also crash. When I try opening chrome normally right after the crash, chrome would typically freeze then notify me if I want to retry. This only occurs when I am gaming. Usually putting my computer to sleep and waking it would fix the issues momentarily, that is until I game again. When all my applications crash, there tends to be some kind graphical issues with the program it self.

Phenom II x4 955 3.8 GhZ
2x4 GB G.Skill
320gb WD
520w Seasonic
HD 7770

My speaker outlets recently started to fail this week (motherboard) and I would have to change the outlets to another one and manually set it so that my pc will recognize it.

This is a stock 3.2GHz processor, correct? I'd say your overclock is unstable. Restore everthing back to defaults. If your motherboard has an auto overclocking feature, disable it.


Nov 27, 2012


Kindly I ask your attention.

The link about the main board isn't working for my IE10.


Stop your computer and give it a good cleaning from the insied.
Make shore you know what your doing, look on the net for answers by searching for:

How to clean my computer?
Static energy and comuters

When you are doing it, make shore that everything is connected very good, check it!

Than try again.

The power supply would be more than enough. However, I had one of 650 Watt and it broke.
It toke the memory/memory slots (2) ad the main board.
That's how important a power supply can be.
Check your memory with software, you can download them or use the option ad Windows 7 F8 function.

Start command prompt as admin and try the next:

chkdsk /F


sfc /scannow

If a problem accurse, do it again.

So, the problem could be the main board and (?) power supply!

When did you installed Google Chrome?
Just or a while ago?

Try to play a game after you closed Google Chrome.


Deinstall it and reinstall it, or deinstall it and install IE10 or whatever you like to install.

What happens if you have all the othe apps closed and you are gaming?

And so on.

Let us known what you already tried and the OS version.

x32 or x64?

Hopefully I let you known enough and that you will find the answers you seek! :D

Good luck and have fun doing it! :D

Best Regards,