Question Are there sound bars I can use as left, center, right speakers for my home theater system?

Nov 6, 2019
Just moved into a house that has built-in surround sound speakers, so I'm trying to figure out how all this works. The built in speakers are side speakers, rear speakers, and overhead speakers. There are no front LCR speakers right now.

My wife and I would really like to avoid having two big speakers on the sides of the TV in addition to a soundbar, so as a compromise I'm hoping that a sound bar can do the job of the 3 front speakers (left center right). I know it probably won't sound as good, but we are not audiophiles...we just want our system to work.

What exactly should I be searching for to make sure I buy something that's compatible for my setup?

The plugs in the wall look like I need to have separate plugs for the three front speakers, so I'm assuming my sound bar needs to have separate output plugs for the LCR that a correct assumption? And do I need to specifically look for a passive soundbar?

Looking for some insight from others who know more about this subject! I just want to make sure I buy something that will work for our system. Thanks so much!
You need a passive LCR speaker/soundbar
Lots to choose from at a wide variety of price and quality.
Nov 12, 2019
If the receiver has pre-outs, you could connect the left & right front pre-out to the sound bar, turn off the center & use the speaker connectors for the rear.
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