Question Astro A50 microphone wires detached


Mar 2, 2018
The green and copper wires running from the microphone to my Astro A50 headset just detached themselves. The initial problem was the mic was loose and kept falling. Turned out a screw had snapped in half. While trying to fix that I created a bigger monster and I'm pretty sure I'm fu+$#d!! How do I go about fixing them if at all possible. I paid $300 for these things and there's no way I could afford new ones the way things have been going for me lately. I really appreciate any advice from the community. Thanks in advance!!


Not much you can get for help, you have them there so only you can see what needs to be attached again. You can do a web search to see if anyone did a repair video or guide.

Did you contact warranty support for the headphone to deal with the mic issue before you started to mess with them? Even if you contact them now, there is a pretty good chance they will charge you for a fix now if you caused further damage.