Asus AMD A10 integrated gpu faster than dedicated


Nov 20, 2016
I have an ASUS K550DP laptop with A10-5750M CPU that has a 8650G integrated GPU with 768MB of shared RAM.
It also has a 8670M 2GB dedicated GPU.
The integrated is WAY FASTER than the dedicated. I get twice the FPS in any game.
It also has support for "Crossfire" which has absolutely no advantage in any aspect.

When gaming using the integrated gpu the CPU reaches 140ºC as the fan profile was programmed by baboons and the fan speed only reaches 100% when exposed to nuclear fusion.

This is not an issue with drivers or anything, as I have tried everything at this point.

It's the complete lack of dedication and respect laptop designers have with customers.

For the other victims of this product, I suggest using "power saving" setting for games, and doing a hardware hack on the laptop fan. You can find several tutorials on how to force 100% FAN.