ASUS F556UA-AS54 sudden death...HELP needed!!!ASAP!


Jan 2, 2018
I bought my laptop (Asus F556UA-AS54) about year and a half ago via Amazon. The laptop was sold as new by Asus official on Amazon Prime. I never had a problem with the laptop untill about a week ago when the laptop suddenly died. No lights, no sound, nothing...dead silence.. I tried taking off the battery and doing the "button thing" but that didn't work. Tried again the other day, but again same thing (dead completely). I decided to take my laptop to a local repair store but the guy said that that the laptop is dead and he couldn't fix it... I don't want to give up on this laptop, and I think there must be a way to be fixed.... I really need help with this :( ...

btw: The laptop worked flawlesly before it died and there was no sign that something was wrong.. It was instant/sudden death...

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