ASUS FX503VD for certain games

Aug 11, 2018
Hey people, I have been reading through threads on here from time to time over the past couple years and now I have a question of my own. That’s neither here nor there, basically I’ve been looking for a good gaming laptop and came across another thread here recommending the ASUS FX503VD which is around $850-$899 which is decent for the hardware. Basically I was hoping to get an idea of what it can realistically run and if I could do better.

There are a few games I’m hoping it (or another laptop) could run, my budget is $800-$1000, though I’d prefer it to be closer to the $800 obviously :p.

Some games I’m hoping to run (I care more about FPS than texture/shader quality):
Payday 2
Rocket league
Rainbow 6 Siege
Also possibley rdr2?

I have way too many games, I won’t list them all, I think that’s a fairly decent selection of games that I think would be stressors, which (if any) could the ASUS run and at what relative quality?

Any help would be appreciated, also I have a good gaming rig at my house, but I’m looking for a more portable option due to some changes in situation. Thanks :).