Asus i5-3317u or Samsung i5-3210m


Sep 7, 2011
I'm looking at purchasing a laptop. I would like to do some slight gaming on the fly (i have a desktop for the hardcore stuff) just some league of legends and what not. But wasn't sure which one of these laptops is the better one to go with. Both priced the same at $700 CAD.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. I like the idea of the ultrabook but really isn't a big deal to me if I'm going to sacrifice alot of performance for the mobility.


Oct 9, 2012
I'd say go with the Asus. While both have 1366x768 resolutions, and Intel HD Graphics 4000, it's true that the Samsung has a slightly more powerful processor and 2GB more RAM than the Asus. Both these factors will matter for performance, especially since the 4GB RAM on the Asus can't be upgraded. On the other hand, the Asus is 13.3 inches, as opposed to the Samsung which is 15.6 inches. With regard to the mobility you mentioned, the Asus would be ideal. A 13.3 inch laptop is a lot lighter and easier to carry around than a 15.6 inch one. And the difference between the two isn't SO great that you can manage A LOT better with one than the other. The Samsung IS slightly better, but not by much, so since you have a desktop for hardcore gaming and you're planning to use this for light gaming, and whatever else, the Asus will be fine :)