asus k52j problem with power on button


Sep 6, 2016
hello i have an asus k52j and have problem with power on computer.

1 problem.
when i want power on computer with press the button nothing do.
my comp power on only if a connect to ac/dc adapter and then power on authomaticly without pressing button. (i dont have battery installed becuse is dead)

2. problem
bios is constatly restart(date and time) i change the CMOS battery

so maybe is problem with DC board in laptop becuse when my power on laptop with adapter and i do something and then i shoutdown laptop i cant power on i must unplugin adapter for 5 min and then i can power on laptop again with ac/dc adapter

i can past the video if will help
Well to be honest it is not good at all to run the laptop with just the charger cord and no battery installed. This can lead to many problems with the power, as you are now experiencing.

To lesson damage that can happen by running a laptop without a battery...

1. Make sure you are using the original charger cord. The one it came with, or an OEM part for that laptop. A different cord can cause power variations, which oculd then cause damge to compoents on the motherboard. Which can lead to it failing. Having a battery in the device can prevent this from happening.

2. Don't use the laptop without a battery if you are in an area where power surges are likely. A high power load can do damage (as mentioned above).

3. When you are running a laptop without a battery, never remove the charger cord from the device while it is turned on. This can also case damage to the components.

4. Make sure nothing touches the battery contacts when the laptop is plugged in. Granted they are in the case and shouldn't be touching anything, but things get jarred and moved around.

It is very possible that the dc board and/or the motherboard have been damaged.
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