Asus K55N Indigo Startup Issues


Mar 1, 2014

Asus K-Series K55N Indigo Laptop

  • Windows 8 64 bit
    6GB RAM
    750GB WD HDD

Today (3/1/14) I started up my Asus laptop, everything was fine when it suddenly froze on the Netflix app. I had to hard reset, then the problems started happening.

The Problem

The usual order for my laptop booting up is as follows:

  • Power button pressed
    Asus splash screen with the Windows 8 loading circle underneath
    Windows 8 splash screen with the loading circle underneath
    Windows 8 login
Since that hard reset though, the first time it loaded to the Windows 8 splash screen and stayed there for 20 minutes, no messages, not frozen as the loading circle kept spinning. Hard reset again.

Second time I try, it booted to the Asus Splash and said Preparing Automatic Repair. Stayed there for another 20, same as before. Hard reset.

Third time I went into BIOS and checked the boot order. Has the hard drive as boot device and CD/DVD second. All is good,but it seems my BIOS are very simplified for whatever reason and there are no options for things like hardware check. Saved and Exited, It resumed starting up and again stopped on the Asus Splash. Hard Reset

Now it will randomly either stop on the Asus Splash, stop on the Windows 8 Splash, or for a while it would stop on just a black screen with no cursor function and F2 would not take me to BIOS, nothing would work.

Only once now has it done the "Preparing Automatic Repair" screen and not gotten hung up on it. It loaded on that screen for a good 5 minutes then went black and took me to the Windows 8 startup options and my only option was Restart so I clicked it. Upon restart, it hangs on Windows 8 splash screen.

Things I Have Tried

F8 and Shift + F8 have done nothing to put me into safe mode. As my laptop does not have UEFI BIOS I can't enter safe mode from there.

I removed the hard drive and put it into my desktop machine and it did a disk check and found about 10 bad sectors. When actually started up [strike]I can access my files on this hard drive perfectly fine like there's nothing wrong with it which makes me think this is a Windows 8 issue.[/strike] Now it shows up in the BIOS of both the laptop and my desktop but NOT in the disk manager of my desktop.

When I make it the boot device on my desktop, it just goes to a black screen with the flashing underscore in the top left.


Any help would be greatly appreciated as buying a new laptop isn't much of an option, college students don't have much money. This laptop is only maybe a year and a month old so I can't imagine it's old enough to be dead already. As i said before, it was working 100% before this.

Best Regards,
Adam F.

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