Asus K56CB, windows 8, scrolling web is very laggy


Mar 26, 2014
Hi all!

I am new here and sorry for my english. I recently bought new laptop Asus K56CB with windows 8. But it seems to be too slow, especially when web browsing/scrolling.

laptop spec.:
Intel Core i5-3337U
750 GB
8 GB
intel hd4000 + GeForce GT 740M

Things I have already tried so far:

*Internet connection is tested and ok - tested with over wireless and with cable(have vdsl 30/10, average 28mbit/down and 9mbit/up with ping 6-7ms. Selected best wireless channel. Another pc works great.
*Updates - did graphic card updates, all windows updates.
*Tried different web browsers(Google chrome; IE)
*Tried different laptop power settings(problem still existed with high performance)
*Tried without antivirus(at the moment useing avast)
*Tried to disable javascript, tried to turn off "smoot scrolling", tried some extensions(adblock;flashblock), still same.

Task manager when scrolling:
CPU usage didnt exeed 26% when scrolling. Memory usage 30-40%.

PC mark:

SCORE: 1524 with NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M(1x) and Intel Core i5-3337U Processor
Test duration 43 min 00 s
Web Browsing - JunglePin 0.50833 s
Web Browsing - Amazonia 0.18161 s
Writing 7.9 s
Casual Gaming 12 fps
Video Chat v2 / Video Chat playback 1 v2 30 fps
Video Chat v2 / Video Chat encoding v2 155 ms
Advanced Photo Editing part 1 1.7 s

With this hardware, is this score ok?

I also made video with ezvid to show scrolling lag:

In this video:
1) Taskpar "File Explorer" opens slowly
2) web test: Pinterest - first part scrolling with mouse/ second part holding scrolling button down.
3) web test: Delfi(local news site) first part scrolling with mouse/ second part holding scrolling button down.

Thanks for any response!

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