Satellite C850D-107 very sow browsing - why?


Aug 19, 2017
I recently received a C850D - 107.
I put a solid state drive in and fresh load of windows 10 64 bit.
Other specs are as per original:
AMD E1 - 1200 APU with Radeon HD Graphics 1.40 GHz
Anti-virus: Windows defender, no 3rd party program.

The install of windows ran perfectly - very satisfying!

In most programs it runs very quickly (considering entry grade spec) and it loads windows more quickly than any PC I have owned (7 seconds to login screen.) I've tried a maths intensive Python program, Windows utilities, Libre office programs, all seem great or at least acceptably quick.

However browsing the internet is terrible. It takes ages to load new pages. I have tried Chrome, IE, Edge and Midori browsers. All were terribly slow. It does seem to speed up a bit (but not much - hard to tell) after it has been on for an hour or so. To give you an idea it can take about 10 seconds to load one page. At the bottom of the screen actions like contacting, site, requesting data etc slowly tick through.

When it was slowly loading web pages I inspected performance graphs in Task Manager and it is always the CPU which is struggling at 100%.

I feel the system is doing something else over the internet which is getting in the way of normal browsing??? Receiving video streaming is not impaired even if in a browser widow.

I did look on Tosh web site for driver updates. They were all for Windows 8 maximum. Nonetheless I tried updating the wireless network driver, which killed wireless altogether so I quickly switched back.

I'm also suspicious of Cortana I foolishly ticked it at install. Now I have gone in to Cortana settings and disabled all Cortana help but I can't find out how to remove it altogether. Probably a red herring anyway.

If anyone can make any suggestions I would be most grateful. Either a setting change, a diagnostic or a performance test for browsers I could report back here with.

PS it is definitely not my internet connection other machines work much faster on it.

Thanks in advance

Mike Avison


Dec 19, 2013

there are tons of possibilities. did you defrag your drive and leave superfetch running?
how much ram are you using at startup? do you have apps running scheduled updates?
is your disk running constantly? (check the disk io light if you have one) win10 does have
gobs of bloat much of it can interfere with disk demands. (disk does get used when loading
a page) the more complete info I can get on the system state, the better I should be
able to help.

when you open task manager, do a screen cap of all the processes running, (be sure to include
image path name in the columns). be sure to operate task manager as admin and show
processes of all users. greenshot is a good freeware capture app. also, malwarebytes
is a stand-alone scanner that only operates when you use it (non real-time). do a scan
but don't delete anything yet. but the bottom line is that I need more info.