Asus Laptop Black/Blank screen (Boots up but NO BIOS / any display at all)


Aug 28, 2016
One day, when I booted up my laptop. It boots up normally, but the screen stays black/blank. No bios, windows logo, anything appearing on the screen.

The lights on the laptop are flashing, cd-drive is working, I can hear sounds from the hardware.

I have tried removing battery and cable, and holding power button for 60 seconds. I have put everything back inside, still not working.

I have also tried to plug in external monitor. Doesn't work.

Could this be a hard drive problem? Since my computer was telling earlier that my hard drive was full, even though it wasn't. (might be broken?)

Any help would be appreciated.
If everything seems like it is working, except the display, and an external monitor doesn't work as well, I would say your graphics card is the problem.