Solved! Asus laptop doesn't turn on for awhile

Apr 7, 2019
So here's a little backstory. I spilled some water on my laptop, it wouldn't turn on so I took it to an Asus service center. They said that the HDD is bad so I need to replace. Done with that, then everything is okay. Fast forward a week, the laptop throughout the night turned off, and then when I tried to turn it on in the morning it wouldn't work. So I opened it, removed all the parts that I could and then put them back together and it somehow turned on. Then it works for another week, and same thing happens. This time I turn it off for the night and then it wouldn't turn on the next morning. Soon I take it to the service center again, wait a couple of days, then they say they found nothing wrong and it's working again. Soo as you can guess it works for another couple of days, and then same thing happens. Turns off, and then when I try to turn it on, three lights blink(power led, HDD and caps lock). I don't know what to do, so I just leave it overnight..and you guessed it, it's working in the morning. Which brings us to couple of days later which is today and same thing happened. Any suggestions? Tried all the suggestions from the sticky thread.
If no one left it out to dry and cleared it out after the spill, then it likely has other issues. Power or motherboard problems.

In the future, when you spill liquid on a laptop, you should turn it off immediately, remove the power cord and batter, disconnect anything attached (USB drive, printer, external monitor, etc.), open it up and leave it somewhere safe to dry for days.

Yes, I did say days.

The more liquid the more drying time it will need.

Were it something other than water, you would also need to clean it out after it dried up (to remove any sticky residue) and then leave to try again for days.

That the service center just said it was the hard drive is rather odd. Sounds to me like your service center people are not doing something right if they can't find the issue. You may want to consider a local tech instead.
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