ASUS Laptop overheating



Hi, about 3-4 days ago I started noticing a sudden overheating of my laptop´s CPU and GPU.
I have ASUS X555LB Series with NVIDIA GeForce 940M graphic card and Intel Core i5-5200U Processor. It all started with NVIDIA Experience offering me new driver update. I accepted and after the update I proceeded to play some of my games (Blade and Soul). While playing I noticed my fans were still working but the area above processor and main fan were getting pretty hot. I was thinking maybe something was being instaled in the background or my setting were too high, but then notebook automaticly shut down. This was the first time this ever happened on this PC and after it happened for the second time I instaled CPUID HWMonitor to see the temperature: Idle temperature of CPU: 40-45*C and when gaming whopping 95*C. I´ve never ever noticed such a heat problem even while playing and doing the same things before.
These are the things I did:
A) cleaned my laptom and tried to use vacuum cleaner to get some of the possible dust out.
B) got myself a cooling pad, but no visible improvement.
C) tried to uninstall new driver and install the old one, but without any succes.
D) lowered details to bare minimum --> decrease only to around 80-85*C
E) instaled Speedfan but no visible fans were there to boost up.
F) tried to play with NVIDIA Setup based on some of YT videos, but that only helped as much as the cooling pad
I have this laptop for 2,5 years and its warranty is till 2020 but I´m afraid to call Asus service center, because I´ve heard a lot of bad rumors of how they "fix" laptops (waiting too long an then not even helping). I´m using it for work eather and don´t have any backup for it. :(
Thanks for replies in advance.
(BTW sorry for my english and using Celsius insted of Fahrenheit = European bloke :D )