ASUS Laptop Screen Cracked


Jan 23, 2013
I bought my girlfriend an ASUS laptop for Christmas from Best Buy. I did not get the Black Tie Protection because I thought, "Hey, she's responsible. I won't ever have to use that." Unfortunately, she had an accident and dropped the laptop, cracking what seems to be the inner glass of the screen. She has barely had the laptop a month, and needless to say she is devastated and upset because it was a gift from me.

What I need to know is what should I do to try and get the screen repaired? Obviously, it was user error that caused this problem, so I'm willing to live with the fact that I'll be paying some money and not have it covered under the manufacturer's warranty, and definitely not under Best Buy's protection plan since I did not buy it.

Should I try going to Best Buy first and see what they are able to do? I have until the 24th of this month (currently the 22nd) for a gift return. I'm not sure if I am still within the grace period to get the Black Tie Protection. Or should I try to get in touch with ASUS and see what the cost would be to have the screen repaired?


Jul 2, 2009
I'd take it to Best Buy and ask them the best course of action to take. They'll know the prices, policies and whatnot. If it sounds good then pull the trigger, get the protection and get it fixed. If not, you can always take it to a local laptop repair company and get it fixed, though the warranty on the work won't be the same.


Dec 14, 2012
Yup the best way is to bring the unit back to the store. They are sending the unit in to one of the Asus service centers were they will check the damage, make a report and a list with the parts that are defective and the price that will cost to repair it. CID = pay handlings fee + part costs :(
Best buy or Asus is going to charge at least twice what it costs to fix by a local repair shop and that is going to cost twice what it would cost for DIY replacement to order a screen off Ebay and swap it yourself.

Example, customer brought me an Asus table she got for her young son, he broke the USB port by using while it was plugged in and destroyed the port. Asus wanted $180 to fix a $300 tablet. Repair shop wanted $100 and if you can solder yourself, the port is like $1 online.

Sony wants $150 to fix any PS3 with a dead laser. Most repair places charge $50-90. Lasers on Ebay are $20-30.


May 8, 2012
Unfortunately, the grace period for the Best Buy warranties requires you to bring the product in so it can be inspected to be in good condition, however, when I brought my IPad in to get it covered a week later, the tech I was working with did not bother to check even though it is policy (my IPad was not damaged anyways), I think he was one of the dudes at Best Buy who actually have some technical knowledge so I think he was just giving me the benefit of the doubt.