Asus laptop wont start

Aug 7, 2018
My laptop will not start. I have looked through many threads and tried different solutions but had no luck. I am currently in Japan, i bought a japanese power cord for my Asus GL552V and it has been working great when Turned on however, if i turn it off and leave the power cord in, it wont start up again. Before, i left it off with cord out for about an hour and it fixed it but I recently went away for 5 days, forgot to unplug it and tried leaving it off unplugged overnight still didnt fix it. I tried removing battery and holding down power button many times and for long durations. I tried reseating ram, i tried starting without battery, nothing seems to work. Led light for battery is on when cord is plugged in, otherwise nothing. Also, i heard the motherboard might be the issue but i doubt it since its been acting like this before and later working fine. If someone would have any kind of logical reason for this happening, please tell me. I dont want to have to keep it off for like a week or something.

Also, japanese power cord says 125v 7a, swedish one says 2.5 a 250v. Adapter says input 100-240v 2a output 19v 6.32a
Aug 7, 2018
I have an update, it started working if whenever I started it I would also press a few random keys simultaneously. But yesterday, even that didnt work. I pressed the power button and the escape button and it started up to a menu that would let me choose what to boot. It worked fine after that but im a little worried. I mean, only the power button would not work, but pressning the power button with random keys worked every time. What would that mean?
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