Solved! asus laptop wont turn on, also showed "preparing for automatic repair" screen


Apr 10, 2017
i have seen similar posts but none of them cover everything thats happened with mine.

i have an asus x205t laptop that always stays plugged in in my room and is rarely used. when it did not turn on, i knew from experience to hod the power button down for 20-30sec. when the backlight came on, showing it was booting up, i let go of the power button and it shut off. i repeated this process with the same result. next time i continued to hold the power button down and it stayed on, showing the "preparing for automatic repair" screen. next it took me to a blue screen that told me to enter a code to begin the repair, or mightve said troubleshooting, and it gave a website to retrieve the code i needed. when i let go of the power button to use my phone, it shut off again.

i tried to turn it on several more times, also tried unplugging the charger, one time it prepared to boot normally, saying it was finishing updates, but shut off pretty quickly. a few times i got back to the "preparing for automatic repair" screen. other times only got to the backlight turning on before it shut off, some times the back light would flash on and off about every 5-15 seconds.

from reading other posts i have tried holding the power button down with f5, f9 and f11 with no results. i also tried getting it away from any wifi, which was my last attempt and i never even got to the backlight. any help on the issue and possible solutions would be great. thank you.