Asus laptop x551m not turnin on


Jul 22, 2017
My asus x551m laptop wouldn't turn on this morning. I didn't switch it off properly yesterday, just closed the laptop and this morning when I pressed the power button it made a brief sound like it was loading and the power light and adaptor light came on but all I got was a black screen. I tried several times to load it by holding the power button in to shut the laptop down then reload but it didn't work.

Since every thread I looked at said to remove the battery I followed this guide

I've now put the battery back in and put the laptop back together but the laptop won't switch on at all now. The power light is off. At first the charger light was amber but now it's turned yellow so I don't know if I'm just supposed to wait for it to fully charge or what it's been like this for almost an hour now if anyone could help I'd really appreciate it.

Btw a lot of people in threads talk about a reset button on the bottom of the laptop. Mine doesn't have one.